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Minneapolis, MN

Welcome to Flock of Broads. Here you will find the musings of five smart gals affectionately called "The Flock", all currently based in Minneapolis, MN. From pie crusts to parties, beard oil to Beyoncé, fashion to fat pants, we cover life as we know it and even a few things in between. Pull up a chair and stay a while.

The Unattainable Perfect Complexion

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The Unattainable Perfect Complexion

Carly Beetsch

Ya know what’s the best? A nice big zit in the middle of your 30-year-old face. Nothing makes you feel more like a grown-ass professional woman than some pimples akin to your 13-year-old self.  Love my mom but this is one genetic trait I could easily go without.

At my age, I assumed my skincare regimen would include lots of moisturizer; maybe some wrinkle prevention, a good dose of SPF and a nice night cream.  Yet my medicine cabinet resembles a dermatologist’s pharmacy; full of acne preventative creams, washes, and cleansers. I’ve tried Proactive, homemade masks, oral medication and just about everything in between. Results are typically minimally impactful and are often times accompanied by annoyingly and paindful side effects like peeling, increased sensitivity to any kind of sun exposure and redness. Or my favorite, more pimples!

Adult acne is a nuisance. It’s embarrassing and the ebb and flow of breakouts is beyond frustrating.  During bad breakouts I’d prefer to stay home. I don’t want my picture taken and I get self-conscious when anyone looks at me too long. I want to hide behind a conspicuously thick layer of concealer and over compensate with gaudy lips and dark eye makeup.  Like other women, I struggle with my own body-image sensitivities and my complexion is near the top of the list. A clear and smooth face is as unachievable to some women as a flat tummy, thick, glossy hair, or tan skin (right, Kate?!) is to others. Someday let's hope the general definition of beauty can include blemishes, cellulite, chub, thin hair, paleness... any other "difference" or "imperfection" we've been conditioned to hide, hate or change. 

Persistent adult acne is not situational. It isn’t because I eat unhealthy foods or touch my face too much and I can’t increase my workouts to make it better. It’s hereditary, hormonal, and just something I, and gazillions of other men and women, gotta deal with. 

So what do I do to at least tame my unruly complexion? The one brand my skin can handle during bad breakouts is La Roche Posay Effaclar at half its recommended dose (beware of peeling and/or allergic reactions).  In between breakouts I use Cetaphil with a detoxifying salt scrub. This natural exfoliant helps remove oil, dirt/makeup, and bacteria and is easily applied simply by blending it with a facial cleanser or just water.  Round About Botanicals  has some great facial products using all natural ingredients. I will continue to fight with my skin. I don't think I'll ever win the battle. Hell, my mom still breaks out here and there at 63! BUT, I do want to maintain what healthy skin looks like to me, which means acne every now and then. And hey, the upside to oily skin is less fine lines and wrinkles, at least for a little while. 

P.S >> Round About Botanicals is generously offering Flock friends 15% your entire order. Head to her Etsy page to see her skincare line and some really awesome jewelry.