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Minneapolis, MN

Welcome to Flock of Broads. Here you will find the musings of five smart gals affectionately called "The Flock", all currently based in Minneapolis, MN. From pie crusts to parties, beard oil to Beyoncé, fashion to fat pants, we cover life as we know it and even a few things in between. Pull up a chair and stay a while.

10 Things I've Learned

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10 Things I've Learned

Talia Wischmann

As we age we learn things: what kind of friends we want to keep, how much alone time we need, how our bodies are supposed to look, what sort of relationship we want to have with a significant other, if having a significant other is even right for us. At 30 I've learned some things. There's a lot more for me to learn, and in ten years I'll probably look back at this list and think, "What an idiot; she had no idea!" But for now, I thought I'd share my list of the most important things I've learned.

  1. You are not your mom or dad or sister or brother. You will not like all the same foods as them, have the same personality or want to live the same life. It's okay to tell them that.
  2. Don't let a shitty boss ruin your life. I've had bosses who gave great feedback and helped me move forward, and I've had terrible bosses who were threatened by high performance and nontraditional ideas. I've taken all of these experiences more personally than a should, bringing the weight of a boss who dislikes me home, hanging my head and tucking that insecurity into bed with me. No one should dread going to work and if your superiors or HR aren't willing to do anything about a terrible boss it may be time to move on.
  3. Ending a doomed relationship is worth the temporary heartache. A routine isn't worth a lifetime of feeling less-than.
  4. If you date or marry a writer the experiences you put her through will end up on paper (or on this website). She's entitled to those memories and feelings.
  5. Real friends stick around after your social influence has run out, when you can't get them a job or a connection with the right people and aren't friends with someone they want to date. Real friends let you cry and hang out with you on your birthday. Sometimes they might make suggestions that you don't like and that's part of it too.
  6. Your parents didn't have a clue what they were doing.
  7. It's okay to ask for alone time. Sometimes you need to bury your head in a pillow and cry.
  8. It is perfectly alright to be a barista or bartender or carpenter. You don't have to be writing your first novel on the side either. Finance, marketing and real estate are fine for some, but it's better to chase happiness than money.
  9. You get to decide. Your entire life will be spent arguing with people about what's right for you. If you want to move to Costa Rica to start a self-sustaining farm you should do it; it's your decision.
  10. You should never have to convince someone that you're worth committing to. Ultimatums don't work in the long run and your life is far too valuable to waste with someone who isn't sure.