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Welcome to Flock of Broads. Here you will find the musings of five smart gals affectionately called "The Flock", all currently based in Minneapolis, MN. From pie crusts to parties, beard oil to Beyoncé, fashion to fat pants, we cover life as we know it and even a few things in between. Pull up a chair and stay a while.

The Kind of Shrub You Drink: Blood Orange Version

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The Kind of Shrub You Drink: Blood Orange Version

Angie Enger

If you have recently heard a friend talk about drinking a shrub and thought "Ummm, why would I drink a plant? Is this a new cleanse?" then you would not be alone. The first time I saw it listed in Sweet Paul Magazine I was just as confused. Turns out, a shrub is basically another word for a sugar:vinegar:juice combination that you can drink. Basically anything that allows me to preserve blood oranges in a form that I can combine with alcohol and then drink months later I am all about. Now drinking vinegar? I wasn't so sure. I will admit I'm still not sold, but it's a fun experiment nonetheless. Husband loved it, I was like "hmmmm, maybe if Peder at Marvel Bar mixed it into a cocktail for me I would like it more."

A few notes before I dive into it. Traditional shrubs are a 1:1:1 ratio - juice, vinegar and sugar. Blood orange juice is light, respectively and I don't really love vinegar, so I took Food In Jars' recommendation to cut the recipe to 3/4 cup of vinegar. 

Recipe adapted from Food in Jars. 

1 Cup Blood Orange Juice
1 Cup Granulated Sugar
3/4 Cup Rosé Vinegar (Yes this is a thing! The original recipe called for Apple Cider Vinegar, but I thought this would work even better, and it did!)

1. Combine all the things.
2. Put in your fridge for up to 6 months. The taste changes as time goes as you'd expect so keep experimenting! 
3. Add 2 tablespoons to a glass with some seltzer water and gin and enjoy! 

There's LOTS of different ways to make shrubs and of course people have opinions about it - share yours below!