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Minneapolis, MN

Welcome to Flock of Broads. Here you will find the musings of five smart gals affectionately called "The Flock", all currently based in Minneapolis, MN. From pie crusts to parties, beard oil to Beyoncé, fashion to fat pants, we cover life as we know it and even a few things in between. Pull up a chair and stay a while.


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Valentine's Day Gift Guide Part II - Cards + Gifts for Dudes

Carly Beetsch

Cards not found at drug stores, because Valentine's CAN be more than a Hallmark holiday, and gifts for guys, because they're unique flowers just like us gals. Part II of our Valentine's Day gift giving guide. 

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Why Yes, I AM Trying To Get Pregnant

Carly Beetsch

I’m 30, I’m entering my third year of marriage, and I own a home, which clearly means I have a sign hanging from my neck that reads: “Please, ask me about by reproductive plans!” Unfortunately, this casual question simplifies the realities of a life-changing decision and the emotions that surround every step of the process. So let's stop forcing women (and me) to simplify it. Deal?

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Link Buffet Monday: Volume 2

Carly Beetsch

Sometimes a broad needs a bowl of fries and a flute of bubbly.

It is a beautifully breezy September *sigh* day in Minneapolis and while most of us have been out playing, there are plenty of interesting things awaiting your views on the interwebs. Enjoy!

-Alex tries to be available for life to happen to her. (And loves Bill Murray.)

-Amidst a full kitchen renovation, Carly finds inspiration and hope in these beautiful transformations

-Angie aspires to have as inspiring friendships as this cheetah and puppy. Or a pet cheetah and a pet puppy who are besties. 

-Talia didn't even know there was a Game of Thrones board game, but apparently there is AND someone created a 3D version of it. Though it doesn't *quite* seem big enough for her to get lost in the woods of Winterfell with Robb Stark. 

-Kate thinks feminist husbands are the hottest kind of husbands. 

For the Love of Garden

Carly Beetsch

Six years ago, on the heels of moving into our new house, we plotted out our first vegetable garden on the north side of our front, full sun yard. Each subsequent year our crop yield has varied, our garden plots have expanded, and we’ve made a few mistakes that ideally prepared us for the next year’s planting season. I don't know much about gardening but what I do know is that it satisfies this inner farm girl making me feel oh-so handy and domestic. 

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