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Minneapolis, MN

Welcome to Flock of Broads. Here you will find the musings of five smart gals affectionately called "The Flock", all currently based in Minneapolis, MN. From pie crusts to parties, beard oil to Beyoncé, fashion to fat pants, we cover life as we know it and even a few things in between. Pull up a chair and stay a while.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Part 1 - Help For The Guys

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Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Part 1 - Help For The Guys

Talia Wischmann

Hey guys. Welcome! Boy oh boy, have I got something for you! Do you sometimes think, "Oh shit, Valentine's Day is coming up, what the balls am I going to get m'lady?" Well I'm here to tell you that sex coupons are not enough. Maybe you already have an idea and you just want to step up your game a bit, hit a home run, get a better pole position, shoot it through the five hole if you will. <-- that was a series of sports metaphors for you [insert wink emoji]. Well here's a little list of some great ideas:

1. Flowers
Duh, flowers, tell me something I didn't already know. Not all flowers are created equal. Sure you can order online at ProFlowers but the quality of what she's going to get may not be great because you can't pick the florist fulfilling that order (they work with thousands of florists across the US). You can't typically customize your order much either or be sure it's going to look decent. Call up one of these local florists to get it right: Spruce FloralChez Bloom, or Bachman's. Bonus points if you know her favorite flower and color.

Pro Tip: Go in to speak to a florist. I promise it won't be too intimidating and based on learning a few things about your lady the florist will be able to help you pick what she might like. 

2. Jewelry
The first rule of giving jewelry as a gift is NEVER GIVE YOUR GIRLFRIEND A RING UNLESS YOU'RE FIANCEEING HER. Now that we have that settled, you don't have to spend a ton of money to get something nice that she'll have forever (or until you break up and she burns it). Here are a few lovely options: 

Pro Tip: Check out her jewelry to find out if she wears mostly gold or silver tones and try to stick with what she likes. Also, I already told you about the ring thing but this is a second reminder.

3. Food
You should probably make a reservation. It's close to two weeks out so some of the fancy spots will be booked up, but don't fret, OpenTable has put together a special little list for you. Alternatively, you could take her back to your first date spot, to some hole-in-the-wall she's always wanted to visit (if she's the type who wouldn't get angry about that sort of thing on Valentine's Day), or drive out of town an hour or two to a winery or cute little mom n' pop restaurant.

Pro Tip: She does not want to go to dinner with your parents.

4. Relaxation
Great for moms. She cleans up your kids' puke, she washes the floors and your dirty socks, and she needs some time to herself. Spot Spa, Ivy Spa Club, and Vizi are all wonderful Minneapolis spas which offer a variety of services. 

Pro Tip: Try to customize to her complaint areas: dry skin, oily skin, sore muscles, chipped nails, etc. I know she talks to you about these things. 

5. Galentine's Friend Time
Arranging for your gal to have a special lady day with friends after you take her to dinner or send her to the spa will get you major points. Make plans for a post Valentine's Day brunch at Heyday or Haute Dish and let her get day drunk with her pals. 

Pro Tip: This will seriously get you so many points (like two sexes in one day sort of points).

Best of luck dudes. Now go out there and kick your friends' asses at being the best boyfriend/fiancee/husband on Valentine's Day. 

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our Valentine's Day Gift Guide, because unlike most of the things that we are extremely cynical about we all actually really like Valentine's Day.