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Glossier's Phase 2 Makeup: The quickest way to natural goddess

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Glossier's Phase 2 Makeup: The quickest way to natural goddess

Angie Enger


"Oh my god. Do I really wear that much makeup?! Why is it so...cakey? Is this for real?!" These were my first thoughts upon walking into the Glossier Penthouse last weekend to check out their new Phase 2 makeup collection. I had glanced into one of the many mirrors set up to allow people to try on new products and was stunned.

I've always been a fan of makeup and due to my uneven skin tone (see pics below for proof) I tend to opt for the heavier coverage options. I use no less than 3 undereye concealers on a daily basis (thanks, Sicilian genetics). Sephora VIB Rouge in the house! 

That being said, the sight of my caked on makeup in the mirror had me thinking I'd been going about this all wrong. I decided to go for it. I bought Glossier's Perfecting Skin Tint, new Stretch Concealer and Generation G Matte Lipstick. I also picked up a tried and true Coconut Balm Dot Com that the women at work never stop raving about. 


As soon as I got home I laid out my haul and admired just how damn good the packaging is. I can't resist good packaging. I wiped off all of my fancy makeup and snapped a pic. Should we talk about how terrifying it is to take a photo of yourself sans makeup, let alone post it on the internet? There it is in all its glory.


It took me all of 5 minutes to apply my new products, after moisturizing with my love of all loves, of course. I snapped another pic and actually couldn't believe my eyes. What is this magic?  Have I learned to do something on Photoshop without knowing it? What the hell is going on? But sure enough, there my face was all luminous and dewy. I felt like a damn goddess angel princess.


Now, let's be clear. This is *very* light, hence the name "tint". They don't claim anything otherwise. Per their website:

What won’t it do? Hide your freckles, spackle your pores, or erase any other evidence that you are, in fact, a real human being.

The keyword of this whole post is: natural. You will look like a human. You will not look flawless, perfect or poreless. I wouldn't recommend this alone for a fancy event or long day if you have uneven skin, blemishes, or dark circles like me. But with some luminizing primer, under-eye color corrector and setting powder or spray, it really looks quite lovely and feels incredible. No, the concealer won't erase your dark circles. But even all the red lipstick tricks and baking and setting in the world haven't managed to do that yet. It actually made me feel like I should let a bit more of my natural beauty shine through.

No, I probably won't do this every day. I've gradually been adding back my old full-coverage friends into my morning routine. But I love what they are doing and I can't say it hasn't changed my perspective more than I ever could've expected. I thought I was going to Glossier to buy new makeup, but I left with a new perspective on what beauty looks like. My face looks like mine - "flaws" and all. And it feels really good. 

TL;DR: Perfect for Summer and light makeup days, makes you feel like yourself, but yourself as a damn goddess. 

Products I used:
* Stretch Concealer in medium
* Perfecting Skin Tint in medium
* Generation G Matte Lipstick in crush
* Coconut Balm Dot Com


Beautiful makeup, inside and out. Amazing lip balm, skin tint, concealer and matte lipstick!

Beautiful makeup, inside and out. Amazing lip balm, skin tint, concealer and matte lipstick!